Contract Grow

Project success is within your control. With Contract Grow you pre-select the plants you need to achieve cost-effective solutions for growing the variety and volumes of plants to the specification you require.

Control the outcome with Contract Grow

Contract Grow puts supply and control directly in the hands of our customers. Not only does it give our customers control over the quantity and what plants they receive, but it can also reduce risk factors as customers know their plants will be available in the designated time frame. Their plants are also monitored and controlled ensuring quality plants are ready for when they need them.

Thoughtfully scheduled

In general, there are no specific timings for contract growing as most shrubs are of satisfactory winter hardiness. As expected during Winter and late Autumn and early Spring, growing does slow down meaning a longer lead time is required so the plants will be available in time for the project. There are also some instances with certain species such as Skimmia, Choisya and Lavender where the timing of potting is limited to late summer.

Cost-effective, quality-assured

Contract growing has many brilliant benefits that can aid you in creating a scheduled and thoughtfully planned out project that can set you apart from the competition. Not only can it help you to pinpoint a delivery date that works for you and your project, but contract planting can keep an organised project from an early stage and give a cost-effective solution helping you keep within the project budget. By using contract growing you can also carefully select from a wider range of plant varieties giving your gardens that extra kick.


Contact us today to see how we can support your project requirements with our Contract Grow offering.