Sharing knowledge; growing together.

At Greenwood, we’re always growing with you, which is why we will soon be launching a new series of free courses to share knowledge, promote collaboration and encourage continuous learning between industry professionals.

What is Greenwood Academy?

Free continual professional development (CPD) eLearning platform tailored to the horticultural needs of landscape architects.


Free CPD content for you or your employees

Learn at your own pace


Cost migration on tendering and plant selection

Increased confidence and professionalism

Contact experts for help

Greenwood Guide reference resources

Greenwood Plants specification reference guide

How you’ll learn

Mobile and tablet friendly LMS

Asynchronous learning – ability to stop and start when you want

Varied activities to maximise ease of retention:


✓ Inspiring infographics

✓ Animations

✓ Videos

✓ Sorting activities

✓ Flashcards

✓ Real-life scenarious

✓ Stories (character dialogue)

✓ Quizzes

Assessment – multiple choice questions