Ordering Guidelines

At Greenwood our ambition is always to deliver an effortless client experience. We constantly strive to be better and improve the quality of what we do, and to achieve this we need to implement robust processes to support our increased scale of operation.

We are committed to delivering the following:

An effortless client experience

A strengthened relationship based on trust and collaboration

A high order success rate with improved communication

Enhanced speed of quoting, order processing, and handling of issues

We have put clear parameters in place around order timings, which will improve the efficiency of the processing of our orders. We want to ensure we maintain the ultimate level of flexibility with short-notice orders that our clients have come to rely on from Greenwood. To accommodate these exceptional instances, we have developed a Express Order option, based on fulfilment with stock from our G Range.

Effective 1st August 2023, we shall implement the following key changes:

i.   General Orders

Greenwood shall operate a daily 4pm order cut-off deadline, with a 2 working-day order processing window. For example, an order will need to be placed by Monday 4pm for Thursday am delivery, or placed by Tuesday 4pm for Friday am delivery, and so on. After the 4pm daily cut-off point, orders will convert to ‘Confirmed Order’ status, where they can no longer be changed. As an additional check, Greenwood shall endeavor to contact clients to confirm key order details (by telephone or email) before the order cut-off time.

ii.   Cancellations/ delays/ changes to Confirmed Orders

Any changes, delays, or cancellations of Confirmed Orders will need to be confirmed in writing by the client. A Cancellation/ Restocking fee of 50% of the total value of the order shall apply.

iii.  Express Delivery

If clients place orders after the daily 4pm cut-off time an Express Delivery charge of 20% of the total value order will be applied. Express Deliveries shall be made up of G Range items only. 


iv.   Returns

Clients shall request a Return in writing within 2 working days of a delivery being made, clearly specifying the reason. Where Returns are not qualified as the responsibility of Greenwood, but of the client, they will generate a 50% Restocking fee.

v.   Cost assignment

Under no circumstances will Greenwood accept any form of cost assignment for labour or other charges in the event of late or failed delivery, lack of stock availability, or issues related to orders.