Watch It Grow

Watch It Grow provides the ultimate peace of mind, as you pre-select the plants you need, to your specification, within the timeframe you require them.

Plan with confidence

Watch It Grow puts control of plant supply directly in your hands. Not only does it give you control over the quantities and varieties of the plants you receive, but it can also reduce risk as you can be assured that your plants will be available in your designated time frame. Your plants are cared for and closely monitored, ensuring they mature to the best possible quality.

Thoughtfully scheduled

In general, there are no specific timings for Watch It Grow as most shrubs are of satisfactory winter hardiness. As expected, during winter, late autumn and early spring, growing slows down. This means longer lead times are required for the plants to be available in time for the project. Our process involves working back from your anticipated project delivery date and creating a production plan and comprehensive project schedule, working with our plants and seasonal constraints to ensure we deliver to your timescale.

Select your plants and your growing medium

By using Watch It Grow, you can carefully select from a wider range of plant varieties, including cultivars and species not usually found in commercial landscaping. This allows you to design and build your green spaces entirely your way, creating completely unique and vibrant planting schemes that wouldn’t normally be attainable.

Cost-effective and quality-assured

Watch It Grow has many brilliant benefits that can help you create a scheduled and thoughtfully planned out project that can set you apart from the competition. Not only can it help you to pinpoint a delivery date that works for you and your project, but Watch It Grow can offer a cost-effective solution, helping you keep within the project budget.


Watch as your plants grow

You will now receive regular monthly photographic updates of your plants through our Tender Tool app. This new feature of Watch It Grow gives you the visual assurance you need, to see how your plants are progressing.


Grown in 100% peat-free compost!

All of our plants are grown using 100% peat-free compost, having undertaken extensive trials to find the perfect sustainable growing solution.

Discover more

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