Client Complaints Policy

1. Introduction

Greenwood Group Ltd under the trading name of Greenwood Plants (‘Greenwood’), is a company registered in England and Wales at Companies House.

Greenwood is committed to delivering an exceptional client experience to its clients. As part of its client experience it recognises that it will handle client complaints, and will do so in an objective, fair, and measured way.

2. Definition

Greenwood defines a ‘complaint’ as ‘feedback received from its clients that there is an issue with a product or service they have received from Greenwood.’

3. Policy

Greenwood is committed to ensuring the highest levels of client service are delivered. Greenwood’s Terms and Conditions clearly set out the requirements for requesting a return, or raising an issue. The Company’s Client Complaints Policy is adhered to by everyone in the organisation, is reviewed annually, and is available on the Company website.

4. Responsible

Greenwood has a dedicated Client Support function which handles order processing and fulfilment, and all client relations issues. This covers both product and service based issues.

5. Compliance

Greenwood has systems in place to:

  • Communicate clear Terms and Conditions of Supply, which outlines the requirements and timeframe for requesting a return or flagging an issue with a delivery with the Client Support team.
  • Meet on a bi-monthly basis to discuss all escalated and ongoing client relations issues raised with the Client Support team, in dedicated forum which includes key Leadership team members.
  • Manage the allocation and payment of all credits offered to clients to resolve outstanding client issues.

This Client Complaints Policy document has been approved and endorsed by the Leadership team of Greenwood.

6. Contact

For any questions, queries, or comments relating to Greenwood’s Client Complaints Policy should be addressed to

Melanie Asker

Managing Director

1st February 2024