Greenwood Specification

A comprehensive guide to specifying plants for the commercial landscaping industry

The Greenwood Specification is a distillation of more than thirty years’ landscape supply experience, and has been developed as a tool to outline supplied heights and related pot sizes for different plant varieties. The guide demonstrates how the horticultural industry can grow sustainably while producing and maintaining consistently healthy plants that will continue thrive in our changing environment.

What is it?

The Greenwood Specification is a handbook for specifying plants, based on pot sizes and recommended heights, for large-scale landscaping and amenity projects. It has been carefully curated by our experienced horticulturists to present key information on over 400 of our most popular plant varieties.

Who is it for?

The handbook provides a plant guide to aid landscape architecture practices, garden designers, and commercial landscapers in their plant selections, ensuring that expectations for plant size versus pot size are met throughout the seasons. Greenwood’s aim is to provide an effortless experience and enable clients to create successful and enduring planting schemes.

What will it tell me?

The Greenwood Specification contains detailed descriptions of each plant, their light requirements, flowering times, drought tolerance and wildlife benefits. It also provides useful information on biosecurity, sustainability, landscaping best practice with regards to growing media, watering, and weed control, as well as a section for identifying common pests and diseases.

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