Our plant contributions to local schools, charities and other community organisations, to create green community spaces with enhanced biodiversity.

What is Greenwood Community?

We’ve made excellent progress this year towards our goal of twenty-four community projects as part of our Greenwood Community scheme. Our scheme involves donating plants to local charities, schools, village gardens and other community organisations, to help with their landscaping and gardening projects.

Why our donations matter

Sustainability is one of our core values at Greenwood Plants; we have a responsibility for the health, prosperity and sustainability of our local communities. Plants and trees provide a wealth of environmental benefits, including improved biodiversity, increased oxygen levels and enhanced air quality, as well as areas to practice gardening, that has positive effects on mental health and wellbeing.

Proud to be supporting our local communities

Helping our local communities is a priority for us, and we are always proud to contribute to these green schemes. We listen to the needs and requests of local schools, charities and community organisations—supporting their projects as best we can with our plant donations. We enjoy watching these planting schemes come to life and the benefits they bring the students, teachers and wider community.

Please get in touch if you have a local community project that would benefit from a plant donation email hello@greenwoodplants.co.uk


Treloar School & College

Treloar’s was keen to provide a learning experience for the students at its Outdoor Learning Centre.

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Summerlea Community Primary School

Summerlea Community Primary has improved its outdoor environment for its Early Years children.

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Barnham Junior

Barnham Junior transformed its outdoor area to benefit children with additional needs, such as sight limitations.

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Walberton & Binstead Primary School

Walberton & Binstead Primary held a Grounds Morning to provide a horticultural learning experience for the children.

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St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School

St Catherine’s renovated its outside space to make it more enjoyable and educational for the schoolchildren.

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Sussex village of East Wittering

We donated a selection of plants to a community project in the Sussex village of East Wittering.

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