OENOSAN® Green Protection

Sustainable, lime-based fertilizer

Suitable for use in:

✔ Agriculture ✔ Horticulture ✔ Viticulture ✔ Forestry ✔ Hydroponics

✔ Soft landscaping ✔ Sports grounds ✔ Anti-desertification management

The solution to the challenges faced by growers

Our environment is experiencing climatic changes which are impacting plants’ quality, productivity and performance. Increasing temperatures, longer periods of drought and wetter winters can lead to increased plant hydric stress, and a decrease in natural resilience to factors such as soil
degradation, invasive weeds, disease infection, and calcium imbalance. Oenosan alleviates these challenges and reduces the need for traditional fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides.

The benefits of Oenosan

Increased growth rate with up to 70% less water

Increased drought resistance

Increased resistance to disease and reduction of pesticide and herbicide application

Improved soil condition

Extended shelf life of consumables

Higher sugar content resulting in enhanced smell and flavour

Increases growth rate and yield

  • Small particle size enables quick penetration via leaf stomata
  • Increased chlorophyll content enables an immediate increase in rate of photosynthesis by 30%, resulting in a greater volume and strength of canopy
  • Restoration of calcium balance – an essential plant nutrient for cell walls
  • Optimal vegetative cycle resulting in thicker growth and higher yield

Improves soil condition

  • Reduction of nematodes in the soil by 75%
  • Aids humus formation, improving soil structure
  • Increases soil pH
  • Inhibition of weeds such as nettles and field horsetail
  • Balance in nutrients to support optimal plant growth

Reduces plant stress

  • Regeneration of the capillary root system leading to increase in survival rates
  • Water consumption reduced by up to 70%
  • Increased resistance to diseases and extreme weather
  • Reduction in pesticide use

Extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables

  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Reduced requirement for additional sulphite in wine
  • Higher sugar content resulting in enhanced smell and flavour

Application directions

  • Monthly application for winter hardy vegetation
  • 2x per month for plants with short vegetative cycle
  • Minimum 5 applications per year – cumulative effect
  • Simultaneous use with other organic agents is possible
  • CAUTION: do not mix with herbicides or pesticides

Leaf application method

  • Dosage: 1.5g Oenosan per litre water
  • Mix no more than 24hrs before application to avoid sedimentation
  • Spray on leaves, preferably in the morning
  • No licenses or protective clothing required
  • Use standard spray equipment

Base dressing application method

  • Dosage: 200g Oenosan per m3 soil

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