The Tender Tool

The revolutionary web app that is set to take the industry by storm.
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Save time and money.

Quoting plants for commercial landscaping projects and tenders is a time-consuming process and it can be costly to your business if you’re not able to own and manage the logistics of your plant orders. That’s why we created the Tender Tool – Greenwood’s completely free web-app. With the Tender Tool you can:

 Work from your mobile, tablet or desktop devices
 Browse and select over 50,000 varieties and sizes of plants
 Generate an instant quote
 Easily edit existing quotes – for unfinished orders or urgent changes
 Add multiple users across your business, so the whole team can track orders and manage invoices
 Manage and arrange multiple deliveries

Get more out of the Tender Tool with our Video Guides

Mobile & Tablet Ready

Designed to use in the field, the Tender Tool is completely adaptable to smartphones and tablets so you can create quotes on the go.

Browse & Filter Plants

Easily search our huge catalogue of plants from Greenwood nurseries, filter by Latin name, match code and size to find what you’re looking for quickly.

Create Quotes

Create accurate quotes while you’re out on site with the Tender Tool. Receive instant, live prices to save you time and effort.

Edit & Refine Quotes

If you need to check with your team or get rained off site, come back to your quotes at any time to edit and refine your order.

Add Order Notes

Create notes against individual items in your quote. For example, tagging bed allocations against line items, to help individual call-off later on.

View Orders and Invoices

Your order history and invoices are recorded securely in your account for future reference.

Submit Quotes for Order

As soon as you submit your quote, it arrives in to our back office system for processing. Our G Team receive notification and start actioning your order immediately.

User Accounts

If you’re part of a larger organisation, multiple users can be added to your account, making it simple to keep track of orders.


 “I can see this tender tool app is going to revolutionise our current lengthy tendering process.”

AG, Landscaper in the South

Using the Tender Tool

  • Register online for a tender tool account
  • Discuss with your own account manager who will check your account is opened for you
  • Enter prices, submit, view and amend quotes
Get more out of the Tender Tool with our Video Guides