Introducing Kev’s Garden

Jan 12, 2018

If you follow our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages, you’ll have probably noticed we have something called ‘Kev’s Garden’.

Kevin Merritt, our Operations Manager, mixes work and play with his garden at our Chichester nursery, to produce visually stunning plant arrangements.  In Kev’s Garden, we showcase a selection of plants that don’t usually get seen together, or maybe look great at that time of year.

We’ve had some beautiful arrangements so far, from a flag made from Heuchera to an arrangement of topiaries.

Here’s a few words from Kevin himself:

“As a young school student (a long time ago!),  I started work during the holidays in a garden centre and flower shop, and so began a lifelong passion for plants and flowers in all their forms. Even during a lengthy time working outside horticulture, my love of plants remained so I’m really happy to be working in the industry I’m so passionate about again.

I enjoy using plants to create pictures (don’t tell anyone, but I even have a liking for flower arranging!). This love of flowers and plants, combined  with an interest for art and design is beginning to show itself in ‘Kev’s Garden’.

A 3m × 3m space has been created to showcase plants with seasonal interest, in flower or with colourful foliage, specimen and architectural varieties. The garden will feature arrangements of plants, sometimes formal, sometimes less so, to show how they can be used together to create something that looks great in any setting. A lot of our customers plant show homes and many of the those featured in Kev’s Garden are perfect for these projects.”

Look out for the latest Kev’s Garden design on our website and social media!

Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn to see pictures of the garden and more. If there’s anything you’d like to see in Kev’s Garden, you can message us on twitter here.