Our G-Cycle scheme is growing!

by | Feb 10, 2022

“Each time a used crate goes back out, it saves new wood from being used—preserving a valuable and finite resource!”


Greenwood grow and supply a large number of plants across the UK every year and, in doing so, are already benefitting the environment and improving biodiversity. In addition, we are constantly monitoring our business operations to use environmentally responsible practices, use resources efficiently, reduce waste and improve our carbon footprint.

Last year, we introduced our G-Cycle scheme to help our clients reduce waste and maximise recycling—improving their green credentials with no extra effort!

As part of our mission, the successful G-Cycle scheme has resulted in large volumes of crates, pallets and pots being reused, instead of going to waste.

All crates and pallets are returned to our recycling yard to be checked over, repaired and strengthened (if needed). We also paint the pallet blocks green, which is quickly becoming very recognisable! They are then returned to our nurseries for future orders. Each time a used crate goes back out, it saves new wood from being used—protecting a valuable and finite resource!

In the last quarter of 2021, we collected a staggering 4000 crates and pallets, as well as thousands of pots. We greatly appreciate all the support from our clients with the G-Cycle scheme and would like to thank them for returning their crates, pallets and pots in such numbers—allowing us to recycle and reduce waste.

A crate, pallet or pot may not seem like much, but they quickly add up to make a huge difference!
Here’s to an even more successful G-Cycle scheme throughout Q1 2022!
Have you signed up to our G-Cycle scheme yet? For more information, or to arrange collection, please visit greenwoodplants.co.uk/g-cycle/