Electric Vehicles

We are making a big change across our nurseries by switching our diesel forklifts to electric. Electric vehicles provide significant benefits, by having the potential to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

Greenwood is going electric

Contributing towards the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere is a part of our company values, and leads us to make big changes across the business, as we aim for net zero. We are reducing our emissions and waste, replacing dated technologyincluding our forkliftsand revolutionising our fleet. For the transport system to become sustainable, it must be rapidly decarbonised, and this largely depends on switching to electric vehicles.

Electric machinery

By the end of this year, Fresh Acres nursery—our Head Office—will have 100% electric machinery running across the site, which is a big part of our sustainability strategy.

As well as reducing our fuel consumption, electric vehicles on our nurseries allow for a quieter and cleaner environment for all.

Transitioning our fleet

Our sustainability efforts don’t stop there; we are also committed to changing our fleet to vehicles with ultra-low emissions, helping to further reduce our carbon footprint. We have also introduced an ‘engine-off when idling’ policy for all drivers to further reduce emissions. This will be a challenging transition for us, but a hugely important one, and we will keep you updated along our journey.