Fresh Acres Nursery, Arundel

A large,15-acre plant nursery specialising in growing young plants and bedding plants for council production

An established nursery of 30 years’ standing, Fresh Acres has now joined the Greenwood Group. Fresh Acres specialises in young plant and plug production and propagation, liner tray production and 2 and 3L evergreens. Bedding plants are grown on a large scale for mass planting and council projects.

The nursery boasts a high-tech, environmentally controlled propagation unit with artificial lighting and biomass heating. The propagation unit specialises in rooted cuttings and large plug production, both for resale and Greenwood’s own continued production. Fresh Acres utilises high-tech production equipment including a transplanter and a seeding line.

With a large yard and distribution centre currently under construction, Fresh Acres will soon be home to our despatch hub, with systems allowing the loading of several lorries at one time to facilitate our drive for operational efficiency.

Fresh Acres products

✓ Young plant and plug production

✓ Bedding plants

✓ Evergreen trees


✓ Seeding line

✓ Plug-planting production line

✓ Paper plug machine

Did you know?

The propagation unit at Fresh Acres is able to produce a plant from a cutting in just 4-12 weeks due to its sophisticated regulation systems.

Team Leader



Marzena Kandora has been the Nursery Supervisor at Fresh Acres since January 2020. She has adapted quickly, having previously worked in a different industry, and loves using her leadership, communication and problem-solving skills to manage this very busy nursery. She’s even gained her licence for driving a forklift! Marzena is proud of her adaptable and motivated team, who are multi-skilled and regularly multi-task.

Her role in the company is changing quickly as Greenwood – and its nurseries – progress. Marzena is thrilled to work for a business with so much potential – ‘it’s great fun!’ She is keen to contribute to Greenwood’s success by continually improving standards and always delivering excellence in customer service.

Marzena’s favourite plants are Nandina domestica, all varieties of Heuchera (coral bells) and Pieris ‘Forest Flame’, due to their multi-coloured leaves which change their colour. Of the flowering plants she favours Hydrangea, which she says ‘captivate us with beautiful flowers’.

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