Maple Tree, Barnham

Maple Tree nursery has been part of the Greenwood family of nurseries since 2017.

Maple Tree has open and glasshouse production over 4 hectares.  

Previously, Maple Tree focussed on young plants and propagation, but now specialises in 2 and 3L evergreens, phormiums, grasses, and herbaceous perennials. 

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Maple Tree Nurseries,
Yapton Road,
Bognor Regis
PO22 0BQ
01243 939 551


✓ Herbaceous perennials

✓ Evergreens

✓ Phormiums

✓ Grasses


✓ Potting system

✓ Conveyor system

Did you know?

Maple Tree has a sophisticated pipe system, where rainwater is collected from its greenhouse rooves into one large collection tank and pumped out into a reservoir for storage. 

Team Leader



Magdalena Szczudlikhas been Maple Tree’s Nursery Manager since 2019. A horticulturalist of 17 years’ experience, Magda has created a friendly working atmosphere within her team, which maintains a positive, progressive attitude. 

She is incredibly proud of how much production has increased at Maple Tree over the years, with almost 60 crates of orders being sent out each week. 

 Working amongst plants is an incredibly challenging but rewarding job for Magda. She has a sense of pride in all the plants grown at Maple Tree, but aromatic Lavandula (Lavender) has become her favourite, because of the challenge it has posed to grow successfully. 

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