Product Range

With both our in-house plant supplies and our excellent supplier network of European nurseries, we are able to provide all varieties of trees and plants to suit your design budget

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Container Grown Shrubs

Container Grown Shrubs

  • Growing and supplying over 1000 different species
  • Quality 3L evergreens for good visual impact
  • General A-Z supply and architect specifications
  • Specialities include Phormium, lavender and Hebe
Specimen Shrubs

Specimen Shrubs

  • Excellent stocks and a huge range 5L -10L
  • Climbers on trellis and caned
  • 20L in popular range of evergreens for high impact spot planting
  • Large stocks of Italian grown species imported and available for immediate dispatch
Street & avenue trees

Native & Ornamental Trees

  • Pleached and cube-headed trees such as Photinia, Carpinus, Quercus ilex
  • Street and avenue trees such as Tillia and Acer Streetwise
  • Native species – Quercus robur
  • Container grown for all year round planting from April to November
Container Grown Shrubs

Herbaceous Perennials

  • Plug production, through to an ever increasing range of 5L
  • Advanced procurement and contract growing undertaken on any scale
  • Specialist grass propagation and growing through to specimen sizes
  • Premium perennials andgrown and sourced focusing on species such as Heuchera, Tiarella and Geranium Rozanne
Unusual & speciality plants

Unusual & speciality plants

  • Wildlife enhancing species such as bat-loving plants
  • British native species plugs
  • Aquatics and marginal plants supplied in massive quantities
  • Supplier network allows for complete sourcing of complex lists
Dense & bushy hedging

Native & Ornamental Hedging

  • Complete range of bareroot transplants in all sizes
  • Large container-grown native hedging for planting between April and November
  • Quality preformed hedging in Carpinus, native mix and laurel
  • Dense bushy hedging for immediate impact in many species like Buxus sempervirens, Photinia Red Robin, Prunus lusitanica, Euonymus japonica types, Taxus baccata and ilex Crenata, Griselinia littoralis
Young Plants

Young Plants

  • Contract growing of Phormium in plugs through to P9cm
  • Cordyline, Agapanthus in plugs and P9s
  • Skimmia, Sarcocca, Lavandula, Hebe in huge quantities
  • Large range of grasses in chunky 6cm plugs for growing quickly into 2L & 3L


  • Buxus sempervirens in all forms of topiary from cones, spheres through to shapes
  • Pom Pom and Bonsai forms in ilex, ligustrum and cupresspcyparis
  • Commissioned pieces for marketing and promotional activities
  • 1/2stds in Laurus nobilis, Ligustrum, Ilex and Photinia Red Robin

Young Plants

We have long been young plant producers, but solely for our own needs. We’re now launching these as a new product group to our range, harnessing further plant producing technologies and expanding the team, as well as making use of the favourable climate and sunlight hours. (1900 hours on the West Sussex Coast!)

We would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements as experts in young plant production. We understand the industry and young plant requirements, as well as your needs regarding structure and plant quality, budgetary restraints and quick routes to market. We’d be happy to draw up production planning, ensuring you have complete continuity of supply.

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