Tender Tool Guides

How to place an order

The following steps show you how to place an order that has already been created.

• Head to your dashboard on the tender tool app. Here you will see your quotes.

• Check whether the quote has been confirmed. Confirmed quotes have been submitted and locked in. Once you confirm a quote, the price is guaranteed for up to three months.

• At this point you can place your order by clicking on the green ‘Order’ button on your dashboard.

• If you wish to double-check the details before you confirm, click into your quote.

• If you wish to add or remove products, you will need to create a new quote. This is because the price for a quote is guaranteed for three months at the point of confirmation.

• Check your order is correct. Once you are happy, press the green ‘Order’ button.

• This will add your order to G-Team system and you should receive a confirmation email.

• Your order will shortly appear in the ‘Orders’ section of your dashboard.

• Your next step is to set up your deliveries. Please see our video or read our blog for further guidance.

The G-Team are here to help. If you have any problems or questions when placing an order, you can use the instant chat feature on the tender tool app, or get in touch with us via the contact page on our website.