Woodpecker, Bognor Regis

Greenwood’s newest addition, featuring almost 1 hectare of specialist greenhouses dedicated to the production of plants

Our Woodpecker nursery features a new high-tech production line dedicated to the production of plants, for potting on to our 5L and 10L specimen plants at Highleigh. Woodpecker is also home to our main peat-free trials and is praised for its excellent light levels.

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Woodpecker Nurseries,
Sack Lane,
Bognor Regis,
PO22 9PE
01243 939 551


✓ 1L plants for potting onto 5L and 10L
✓ Plants grown from our propagation unit
✓ Peat-free


✓ High-tech production line
✓ Monitored using TomTech to provide our plants with perfect conditions

Did you know?

Woodpecker nursery produces around 500,000 plants per year.